Cochrane Heraldry

Iain Alexander Douglas Blair Cochrane

15th Earl of Dundonald

Chief of the Name Cochrane


Blazon: Argent, a chevron Gules between three boars' heads erased Azure.

Crest: A horse passant Argent

Supporters: Two greyhounds, Argent, collared and lined Or


Clan Cochrane Badge


CREST: A horse passant, Argent.

MOTTO: Virtute et labore.

TRANSLATION: By valour and exertion.


The Clan Cap Badge is an old, and common, way of displaying your Clan affiliation.  The Cap Badge consists of the Clan Chief's crest encircled by a belt with the Chief's motto. 



art by Terry Saros

Clan Cochrane Plant Badge

The Sea Holly


A plant badge or Clan Plant is a plant adopted by a Chief to distinguish their Clan from another in much the same way as the tartan or the Cap Badge.  According to legend, Chiefs and Clans would pick a plant or item native to their area in order to mark themselves as a member of a certain Clan. These items would have significance to the Clan members or represent a valued virtue. The members would then place the plant or item in their bonnet to identify themselves to others or to their Clansmen in battle. Legend also states it was the plant badge, before the other identify marks of clans, which was used to denote one clan from another.  So why the Sea Holly? The Sea Holly’s hardiness, expanse of uses, and the diverse habitats in which it can survive and thrive made it the best choice to represent our Clan. Like the Sea Holly, the Cochranes are an enduring clan that have persevered in a variety of occupations; distinguishing themselves in the military, business, law, industry, science, invention and innovation, medicine, politics, and exploration earning the name “The Fighting Cochranes.” Cochranes can be found all over the world from Scotland to Ireland; Canada to New Zealand; United States to Australia; and beyond. Where we settle we establish roots that run deep, allowing us to thrive in even the most inhospitable of places as the Sea Holly does. There is rarely a major epoch of Renaissance or Modern history where a Cochrane cannot be found. Even in the greatest of turbulence, Cochranes have survived when others have not…..just like the hardy Sea Holly,

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