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I am a Cochran (e) by birth. What do you mean I have to "join" to be part of the Clan?

It is true that being born into the family or having ancestry makes you part of the Clan.  When joining you are joining the Clan Society, a non-profit organizaiton, which focuses on the education of Scottish and the Clan's culture, history, and geneaology.

What do I get for joining?

We are, first and foremost, a genealogical society whose main function is to educate about the family history. Our hope is to find as many "cousins" as possible and make the connections in the family line. As a member you are privy to events and breakthroughs the clan has made; you have the opportunity to support or benefit from our Sherri Cochran Anderson scholarship; be notified of Clan events or trips; and have access to Clan specific merchandise and tartan. Notification of all of this is thru quarterly newsletters and Facebook posts on the clan page.

Can I join even if my Cochran line came from Ireland?

The families did bounce back and forth between Scotland and Ireland for various reasons. Economy, opportunity, or differences with the law. However, they all started in Scotland and as such are all part of the same family.

Is it still the same family if the name is spelled differently? Or My name doesn't have the "e" at the end. Is it a different family?

As is the case with many names throughout history, anyone that knew how to write did so phonetically. Most people did not know how to spell their own names to begin with and when names were taken down there would certainly be changes depending on how the person writing it down felt it should be spelled. In same families it has been found that the different members had different spellings of the same last name either due to preference or ignorance.

What names/different spellings are associated with Cochrane

Cochrane spellings

Spellings of the name Most of these spellings were found using the soundex index at while extracting the US Census 1790 thru 1850 for all Cochran’s. However when looking at the actual film it was either Cochran or Cochrane.


Cachran, Cachrane, Cauchran, Caughram, Caughran, Caughrun, Cathon, Cawhorne, Cawthor   Cawthorne, Cawthron, Cochelin, Cocheran, Cocherine, Cocherns, Cochram, Cochrame    Cochrain, Cochraine, Cochran, Cochrand, Cochrane, Cochrein, Cochrem, Cochren, Cochrenour  Cochrin, Cochrine, Cochrom, Cochron, Cochrone, Cochroun, Cochroune, Cochrum, Cochrun    Cochurn, Cockerel, Cockeyne, Cockerham, Cockerton, Cockman, Cockerain, Cockraham Cockran, Cockrane, Cockron, Cockrone, Corcoran, Cocran, Cocthran, Coehran, Coffran       Coffren, Coffrin, Cogran, Cohorn, Cohorne, Cokran, Cothern, Cothram, Cothrame, Cothran    Cothren, Cothrin, Cothron, Cotron, Couchenour, Couchran, Coughran, Coughron, Cougran     McCochran, McCackran, McCorcoran



More spellings from “The Surnames of Scotland” published by New York Public Library


Coueran, Coweran, Cawchrin, Cocharane, Cocherin, Coichran, Coichtrane, Colquheran  Colquhran, Coucherane, Corporan, Cowseran, Crocheran, Chocheran, Cocharn, Cochrah       Cookarum, Coldern


From Sir Donald MacAllister, Principal of the University of Glasgow, Scotland 1915

DeCoveran DeCochrane DeCochran DeCovern Cowran Coig-Fran(Welsh)

Coc-Bhran(Gaelic-Pronounced Cochvran) Cobhaircan (Pronounced Coveran)

Cobhran (Pronounced as Covran or Cowran) Coibheran (Pronounced Coveran)

These spellings found when searching for Cochran/Cochrane in Devon, England

Kockran      Kockeran    Kawchran    Cowchrane          Cocharon    Cockerham  Cohrane          

Cockeram             Koceram     Cockerome Cockerom    Kocram               Cokkron            Cokeram Ochran(Czech)


Spellings found in various records in Ireland


Coghran      Coghrane    Caugharan   Cougharan   Cauharan Carathan              Coghran  Coughran     Cogran     Corcoran

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